FEVO Spotlight: Worcester Railers

Welcome to the latest edition of FEVO’s Partner Spotlight, where we highlight the creative ways our partners are engaging fans. Today, we’re looking at the Worcester Railers and their Blast Off with the Girl Scouts campaign.

Who worked on this campaign?

  • Matt DaSilva – Senior Account Executive (Worcester Railers)
  • Mike Fisher – VP of Ticket Sales (Worcester Railers)
  • Tammy Breen – Special Events & Project Manager (Girl Scouts)
  • Melanie Bonsu – Director of Development & Marketing (Girl Scouts)

When did this offer launch?

  • This specific offer launched on December 1st 2019 for the March 1st 2020 event.

Where did you get this idea from?

  • The idea came from our previous partnership with the Girl Scouts in which we helped with their “Badge” event, at which all the Girls earn a badge for their Girl Scout vests – this year was space themed, hence the “Blast off with the Railers”

Why did you think it was so successful?

  • This event was successful for two reasons: a strong partnership with the Girl Scouts, who are an eager and enthusiastic organization, and a unique ticket offer with great value (ticket, hat, $5 food voucher and a Girl Scout patch and badge all included) for an affordable event. It appealed to a wide variety of individuals, including the Girl Scouts and their families (especially the dads), in addition to regular hockey fans. We had a goal to grow the event larger than the year prior, which we were able to do, breaking the 1,000 ticket mark.

How did FEVO help?

  • FEVO was a huge help with the ticket delivery. One of our biggest areas of improvement from the previous year was distribution of the tickets. In previous years the Girl Scouts had hard copy tickets. This year, the electronic delivery of the tickets was much more convenient and there were minimal ticketing complaints or issues. FEVO was also a big help in the “terms and conditions” of the event, ensuring all individuals who purchased had to agree to the terms set forth by the Railers and Girl Scouts for the event.

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