Unique Strategies to Market to an NCAA Audience

Unique Strategies to Market to an NCAA Audience

August 24, 2022

With some NCAA sports wrapping their seasons and others just kicking things off, FEVO dove into key strategies and best practices from successful reps of organizations at the highest level of collegiate athletics.

FEVO’s EVP of Partner Success, Aaron Parris, led a webinar panel featuring Barbara Sullivan of the University of Notre Dame, Emily Dent from the University of Kentucky, as well as Jason Malay from The University of Tulsa—all experts in NCAA revenue generation, marketing, and ticketing.

"Being able to capture that information from [groups] has been awesome. We have been able to retarget them for events and for season tickets the following year. And, we’ve been able to get them connected to other sports as well. Being able to collect that information has been a life saver over the last 2 years."  
- Emily Dent, Director of Ticket Operations

  1. More data leads to more sales.  
    Emily Dent explained how FEVO empowered the University of Kentucky to host a high school game that traditionally only served a walk-up sales crowd. They switched from walk-up only sales to digital ticketing and payments—giving them access to more data, the ability to streamline onsite sales operations, and analytics to create informed retargeting digital ad campaigns that drive revenue for future events.  
  2. Get creative with your revenue-generating ideas.
    With limited inventory during COVID, Jason Malay explained how Tulsa University engaged their fans in new ways, with unique packages that bundled t-shirts and signed memorabilia with tickets. These creative bundled offers were very popular with fans and sold out quickly.
  3. Retarget, retarget, retarget
    With all the data points captured through FEVO, each panelist explained how they were able to build robust profiles of their new fans, and cross-sell by marketing to attendees for future sporting events.
“We were able to add more information and make the buying experience more personal which our fans and I love. Our fans had an opportunity to check out other games and add multiple sports to their cart because it was on the same page.”  
- Barbara Sullivan, Assistant Athletics Director, Notre Dame

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Unique Strategies to Market to an NCAA Audience