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A radical demographic shift is happening right now.

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Gen Z
Gen X
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Baby Boomers are aging out of the ticket-buying market, and Millennials and Gen Z are taking their place.

A new generation of fans is upon us.

And these fans are built different.

They grew up with every convenience. They grew up with endless choices.

And they’re not afraid to walk away if you fail to keep up with them.

They don’t answer cold calls. They don’t like “season-long” commitments.

And when it comes to decisions, the first question isn’t “When?” or “Where?” or even “What?”

“Who’s going?”

We’re told that the modern consumer values ​experiences over things.​​​

But what they really value are


Moments are shared.

Moments are captured.

Moments are social currency.

The winners in today’s market provide fans with a steady, sumptuous diet of moments.

And FEVO helps you harness the power of moments, starting with the very first one: the decision to buy a ticket.

Our Social Checkout™ allows you to bundle and remix inventory on the fly while making it addictive, rewarding and fun for your fans to shop together and grow their group size. More experiences. More friends. More moments.

We work with more than 800 blue-chip brands in sports, music and entertainment in North America and Europe to make the process of buying tickets to an event just as social as attending it.

And this is how we do it.​

Unleash the ​power of friends

Want to improve your ROI? With FEVO’s custom sharing links, every fan who buys a ticket can wrangle an entire crew of friends to join them via the magic of copy-and-paste.

Gamify your checkout

Want to sweeten the pot for your most active fans? With FEVO’s Social Checkout, anyone who successfully advocates on your behalf can earn incentives and rewards not only for themselves, but their entire group.​

Group ticketing,​​reimagined​

From small groups of friends to many-hundreds-deep corporate events, our platform allows groups of all sizes to pay separately, sit together and invite additional attendees at the drop of a hat.​

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To me, FEVO means fan experience. I’d recommend FEVO because a frictionless transaction will let you drive a customer experience that’s going to lead to more revenue, more attendance, and an overall better fan experience.

Tucker Kain
Former President, Los Angeles Dodgers

Premium seating without the friction​

Meet your most important customers where they shop: on their desktop or smartphone. With FEVO, you can add suites, club level and VIP packages to your normal checkout flow so fans can make premium purchases anywhere, anytime.

A better way to​ check them out​

Lightning fast, mobile-first, integrated with Apple and Google Pay ... our Social Checkout isn’t just for doing cool things with your friends. It’s also convenient, secure and equipped with everything your fans expect from a modern checkout experience.​

This cart contains​multitudes​

Our software lets you bundle all the various inventories you manage — tickets, merchandise, parking, NFTs … anything — into a unified, hassle-free checkout. Bigger carts, fewer clicks, happier customers. Who knew inventory integration could be this sexy?

Marketing ​gone wild​

With our seamless offer-creation tools, your marketing team can turn their wildest ideas into a reality in minutes. Test a hypothesis, set up a recurring promotion, or run a last-minute flash sale to ensure that every seat has a butt to call its own.​

Insights that never ​leave your site ​

When a fan connects with friends using FEVO’s Social Checkout™, you get complete ownership of every new customer journey that follows — and all the valuable insights that come with them. Keep your consumer data right where it belongs: in your hands and yours alone.

This is the ​end of the line

We also offer on-site solutions to help move tickets and take the pressure off your box office. Post our custom QR codes anywhere you want and interested fans can scan, select and purchase in a matter of seconds.​

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