The Game Changing Offers of 2022
The best FEVO offers of 2022

The Game Changing Offers of 2022

November 14, 2022

For November’s must-see webinar, FEVOForum Presents: Best of 2022 — Game-Changing Use Cases, FEVO VP of Partner Success Mallory Eichhorn hosted “FEVO All-Stars” Brian Martens (Director of Ticket Operations & Analytics for the Milwaukee Admirals), Daniella Davidson (Manager of Group Sales for the LA Dodgers), and Heath Bennett (Chief Revenue Officer at University of Washington) to review some of the most popular, creative, and successful FEVO-powered offers of the year. Below, we’ve got the Cliffs Notes version.


Flash Sales
Heath Bennett highlighted how the University of Washington was able to utilize FEVO to quickly and easily build Flash Sales, strategically timing ticket releases to coincide with the announcement of the college football rankings every Monday.

Multi-Event Offer Pages
Bennett and Brian Martens also touted the success of multi-event offer pages, which allow potential buyers to purchase multiple dates in one transaction. In both cases, their teams were able to increase revenue by doing just that!

Ticketers can let their imaginations run wild with FEVO’s flexible offer building capabilities. Whether you’re combining multiple tickets into one transaction or coupling tickets with other value adds like parking or food and beverage vouchers, bundles are a surefire way to boost sales on an upcoming event.

Both the Dodgers and Admirals saw success with offers that had a charitable component. According to Daniella Davidson, the Dodgers partnered with community organizations to offer tickets to games as a way to increase program awareness and incentivize participation. Martens and the Admirals, meanwhile, partnered with a local nonprofit to offer a percentage of every sale as a donation, resulting in a total fundraise of over $10,000!

More Distribution Channels
The panel also discussed how they used FEVO to get offers in front of entirely new audiences thanks to FEVO’s relationships with third-party distribution channels. The Dodgers transferred over 20,000 tickets with our bulk distribution tool, FEVO where Group Leaders were able to offload thousands of tickets in a fraction of the time it took in previous years. Elsewhere,the Milwaukee Admirals sold tickets in Costco warehouses for the first time ever,resulting in higher revenues and an increase in consumers to its database. Infact, an incredible 68% of purchasers were first-time buyers!


Selling Premium and Suite Offers Online
Don’t leave those unsold suites empty — offer them to online buyers FEVO is seeing more and more clients utilizing our platform for their higher-priced inventory, with buyers no longer as hesitant as they used to be to make big purchases online. So get your suites online and start selling today.

Family Packs
Bundled four-pack ticket offers — sometimes including food &beverage vouchers, merch, or parking — are a great way to offer buyers more value. We’ve seen particular success when Family Packs are built as multi-game offer pages, allowing fans to purchase multiple dates in one transaction.

And in case you missed it, you can watch the full webinar below for a breakdown of more of our biggest success stories in 2022.

The Game Changing Offers of 2022