"Quick Quitting," Cameo for Sports, and the Shopping Mall’s Final Stand

"Quick Quitting," Cameo for Sports, and the Shopping Mall’s Final Stand

October 26, 2022

Sportico: New App to Connect Athletes and Fans via Paid Digital Experiences

Similar to Cameo but specifically designed for athletes, a new app called Daps will allow fans to purchase everything from recorded shoutouts to video-game sessions with their favorite athletes. Launching with a roster of basketball players that includes Jonathan Kuminga and Duncan Robinson, Daps will look to expand to other sports in the near future. It's yet another sign of how quickly the sports-media landscape is evolving, with athletes increasingly moonlighting as content creators and fans getting unprecedented access to their lives on and off the field. Says Daps cofounder Ryan Berger: “When we were growing up, it was all about getting an autograph, and that autograph sits in your room and really nobody ever gets to see it … the new autographs are these digital experiences that you can have for life.” [Read More]

Harris Fanaroff: The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting and Now ... Quick Quitting?

Employee onboarding specialist Harris Fanaroff recently took to Twitter to point out a new trend he’s seeing across the working sector: “quick quitting.” Data suggests that new hires are leaving their jobs more quickly than ever all the way up to the executive level, with one study showing a 13% increase in the incidence of VPs heading for the exits within their first year on the job. In his Twitter thread, Fanaroff lays out a framework for ensuring new hires come on board with everything they need to hit the ground running and feel fulfilled and desired at a new company. Maybe it's time to take a look in the mirror and determine whether your organization makes the grade. [Read More]

The New Republic: Can the American Mall Survive?

This long read takes a look back at the history of American malls and what their obsolescence means for us as social shoppers. We often have a love-hate relationship with heavily commercialized public spaces, and this analysis explores how the mall has changed and what it means for the human experience of shopping. [Read More]

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"Quick Quitting," Cameo for Sports, and the Shopping Mall’s Final Stand