Finding Product Market Fit w/ Sports Loft
March 14, 2023
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"Achieving “product-market-fit” is one of those terms that you frequently hear in the startup-world. Sought-after by founders and eulogised by investors, it has become an almost idealistic concept of that moment when all that hard work comes to fruition and it just clicks – the product sells itself. But what does it actually mean? And when do you know if you’ve “found it”?

In this episode, host Yanni Andreopolous is joined by Get Metrix Co-founder and CEO Andrew Hall and FEVO’s own EVP & GM of Partner Development, Colin Casey. Andrew and Colin shared their first-hand experiences as both work towards product market fit. The discussion reflects on the importance of being able to react quickly, how to work out which customer insights to prioritize and whether a “Minimum Lovable Product” is more helpful than a 'Minimum Viable Product'."

Listen to hear Colin's memories on early FEVO conversations with clients: "We knew who were the early adopters in sports tech, and we said “Hey, this is a prototype, what do you guys think?”

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