What We Learned About Themed Events and Group Sales at the Latest FEVOForum

What We Learned About Themed Events and Group Sales at the Latest FEVOForum

May 8, 2023

Our most recent webinar brought together a panel of industry experts to share insights and strategies on two of the most important tools in any sports marketing or sales professional’s arsenal: theme nights and group offers.

Hosted by FEVO’s own Cara Leis, the panel featured Kylee Sulser from LSU, Cooper Fazio from the XFL and Robert Sibbitts from the Atlanta Falcons. The panelists looked at how changes in technology and consumer behavior are influencing the demand for themed events and group sales offers. To help you capitalize on these changes, they shared proven tactics for crafting distinctive and sought-after offers.

Kylee Sulser shared her experience with LSU's Family Night, where she found that higher-priced tickets were more popular than lower-priced tickets. She also noted an increased demand for stadium tour add-ons — a tactic we’ve seen drive success for many of our partners.

Cooper Fazio discussed how the XFL leveraged data from their comped offer strategy with retargeting to drive purchases. He emphasized the importance of understanding the consumer and creating personalized offers to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Robert Sibbitts talked about how the Falcons utilized peer groups to understand which offers and group strategies work best, as well as which internal departments the Group Sales Team works closely with to ensure success. Additionally, Sibbitts shared great insights into how the team builds and maintains relationships with their biggest mobilizers and group leaders — like their exclusive Fiesta Party, which brought more than 300 group leaders to Mercedes-Benz Stadium for behind-the-scenes access and a stadium tour.

Multiple participants also noted the importance of offering premium experiences add-ons like tailgates and merchandise to appeal to a new generation of fans.

A few additional takeaways:

• Strategize early with internal and external departments
• Collaborate between sales, marketing, partnership and operation teams to ensure successful execution of themed events and group sales offers
• Create personalized and unique ancillary items to drive engagement and additional revenue

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of these topics in further detail, please do not hesitate to reach out to your success rep.

You can watch the entire webinar below.

What We Learned About Themed Events and Group Sales at the Latest FEVOForum