Let the people book together!

FEVO brings a whole new world of connectivity to your travel website.

Our Social Checkout™ allows your guests to invite family, friends or colleagues to join them on their journeys, all without leaving your domain.

Whether for flights, hotels or full itineraries, FEVO makes getting people together for an excursion easy, frictionless and fun.

And your brand gets to own what’s rightfully yours: the entire customer journey, starting with the moment a guest first reaches out.

Unleash the power of the group

Planning group travel is a pain of the royal variety. Email this person, text that person, another person only responds to DMs. With FEVO, friends, families or colleagues can join forces to build sharable carts and itineraries without leaving your website. Just a couple clicks and boom — booking alone becomes booking together.

Check them out once.​ For everything.

Separate inventories doesn’t need to mean separate checkouts — FEVO unifies all your POS systems into one universal cart, decreasing checkout fatigue while increasing cart size. One purchase flow to rule them all.

The power of an​ OTA, on your site​

The booking has been made. Now give your guests even more hospitality by serving them offers from other vendors — flights, rentals, activities — without leaving your checkout flow.

What's more, the data from every transaction stays right where it belongs: with you and you alone.

A better checkout, whether solo or social

Our Social Checkout isn’t just for doing cool things with your friends. Whether booking alone or with a group, FEVO is lightning fast, mobile-first, fully secure and equipped with everything guests expect from a modern checkout experience.

The more excited they get, the more bookings you get

When done right, planning a trip can be almost as fun and exciting as the trip itself. With FEVO, family and friends can connect, converse and compound their wanderlust without leaving your checkout or product pages. It’s the power of suggestion, gone digital.

Gamify your checkout

Want to supercharge your existing loyalty program? Create one from scratch? FEVO’s Social Checkout makes it easy to create group rewards that incentivize every traveler to grow their squad and spread the excitement.

The end of split decisions​

The most dreaded question when it comes to a group purchase: “Who’s paying?” Never again, as FEVO enables your website to offer split payments on every checkout, from beach villas to casino packages to charter flights and more.

Insights that never ​leave your site

When a shopper connects with friends using FEVO’s Social Checkout™, you get complete ownership of every new customer journey that follows — and all the valuable insights that come with them. Keep your consumer data right where it belongs: in your hands and yours alone.