5 Ticket-Ops Innovations That Have Maximized Security and Efficiency on FEVO
FEVO has been implementing a large number of ticket-ops innovations

5 Ticket-Ops Innovations That Have Maximized Security and Efficiency on FEVO

April 17, 2024

The FEVOForum webinar series returned last week with Security + Efficiency: What’s On the Horizon for Ticket Operations, where a talented panel of ticketing veterans discussed what the future of shopping with confidence will look like.

Because FEVO isn’t just innovating the way you sell and market inventory — we’re also constantly looking to improve the literal mechanics of how online purchases are made, ensuring that it’s easy, fast and secure for your fans to get their tickets in hand. 

In the webinar, we covered a number of major ways we’re achieving this, which are detailed below. You can also rewatch the webinar in full at the bottom of this page.

1. The implementation of 3Ds, which significantly cuts down on fraud

Rob Hrankiwskyj, Director of Ticket Operations for the New Jersey Devils, said that before FEVO’s implementation of 3DS, he was seeing at least 10 chargebacks per game. Now that number has been reduced by up to 90 percent. “It’s a huge thing for my team to not have to worry about it. When you get 10 chargebacks per game and you’re in the middle of a stretch of three games in five days, that’s a lot of time you have to spend [sorting out the chargebacks]. It’s great to be able to use that time back more efficiently.”

Brett Miller, Senior Director of Ticket Operations for the Minnesota Wild, also mentioned the importance of cutting down on international purchasers who are just looking to resell tickets. 3DS helps the Wild focus on “getting the information of the people who are coming to our games so that we can retarget and upsell them for future games.” Limiting the secondary market ensures that “true” fans transact directly with the team.

And Emily Dent, Director of Ticket Operations at the University of Kentucky, spoke about the extra measures that her team takes in advance of big, high-demand games. When they see abnormally large orders come in, they’re able to take a closer look at the buyers and cancel the order if anything seems amiss. More often than not, nobody calls about the order cancellation, meaning it was fraudulent and/or intended for the resale market. This helps to significantly cut back on chargebacks. 

Hrankiwskyj also points out that most of the fraud chargebacks his team receives are after the game, meaning the tickets can’t be resold, revenue is lost and reports need to be redone, costing him money and time. “3DS makes it so that we don’t have to go through sales every single day to determine where they’re coming from and what their history is. It allows us to not have to play so much defense, weeding out bad actors.”

2. Gating ticket purchases

FEVO also supports BIN (bank identification number) gating, a technology that allows Offer builders to specify which credit cards are eligible to make purchases on specific Offers. This allows teams to run promotions for financial partners or loyalty programs by making offers available only to the associated card holders. With FEVO’s new ID.me integration, you can also require personal verification — e.g., for military personnel — within the checkout flow. These two tools give you the peace of mind to know that exclusive Offers are limited to their intended audiences.

3. Working with brokers

The Wild work with a small number of primary brokers to keep communication clear and data shared while maintaining pricing integrity for their tickets. They also use a technology called Akeda that allows them to look up an individual and get a risk rating on their quality as a buyer. In combination with FEVO’s security tools, these processes help the Wild combat fraud concerns with a proactive — rather than reactive — approach.

4. The advantages you’ll see with Buy Now, Pay Later

According to Hrankiwskyj, Buy Now, Pay Later now represents the Devils’ second highest ATP, behind only American Express. “It’s huge and it just opens up a completely different avenue. It’s a great tool, easy to use, to entice someone with zero interest, they’re going to take advantage of it and we’re getting the money right away. We’re happy, clients are happy.”

One key takeaway there is that FEVO clients get paid in full at purchase while the BNPL partner takes on all the risk. BNPL purchases also yield bigger returns: FEVO is seeing the average cart size on purchases made via one of our BNPL partners averaging almost $100 more than our typical cart size. 

5. The FEVO Transfer tool is a serious efficiency hack

This enhanced tool available to Ticketmaster Archtics and Tickets.com users allows you to distribute blocks of tickets — thousands, if need be — in bulk. Just upload a spreadsheet with columns for name, email and number of tickets, and the Tool transfers the tickets seamlessly in one instant, without leaving gaps or single seats.

The tool also allows you to assign specific seats in bulk, completes the transfer at the time of sending, and requires no ticket-claiming process on the part of the recipients — all tickets go directly into consumers’ accounts via the primary ticketer that is responsible for fulfillment. In summary, you’ll eliminate the need to either individually transfer or print thousands of tickets, which will give you back untold hours in your day.

Watch the full webinar below:

5 Ticket-Ops Innovations That Have Maximized Security and Efficiency on FEVO