The Chicago Bulls Bar Crawl Offer that Brought in New Fans

The Chicago Bulls Bar Crawl Offer that Brought in New Fans

April 19, 2022

Sometimes, the most enjoyable part of the game is before it even starts. We loved to see the Chicago Bulls create a fun ticket bundle and memorable day for their fans earlier this year with their Bar Crawl. It definitely takes a village, and we’re happy to highlight the full team that developed and executed such a great experience for their fans.

The Chicago Bulls Bar Crawl Offer that Brought in New Fans

Who worked on this campaign?‍

Kim Hoefert - Ticket Executive
Robby Joseph - Senior Manager of Group Ticket Sales
Katie Cavanaugh - Senior Manager of Partnership Marketing
Zaida DeGuzman - Senior Account Executive of Partnership Marketing
Todd Abbott - Manager of Entertainment
Sarah Smith - Senior Manager of Marketing
Shana Raven - Marketing Coordinator

When did this offer launch?

December 2019

Where did you get this idea from? ‍

The Chicago White Sox had worked with Freddie Kole at Stadium Crawls in years past. We spoke with their ticket manager about how the event was run and the successes.

Why did you think it was so successful?

We feel this event was so successful due to the collaboration across our organization, and so many departments, as well as United Center staff, willing to be very flexible and accommodating. Having our sponsorship department getting Budweiser to help promote the outing with marketing dollars was a huge benefit. Another reason for the success were all the add-ons that came with the ticket purchase (t-shirt, raffle, games, social media activations and discounted beverages).

How did FEVO help?

FEVO was critical to increasing ticket sales. The “groups” aspect allowed the potential reach of ticket buyers to grow exponentially, and we loved the ease of incorporating exploding deadline ticket increases.