We're Releasing or Refining 70+ Features This Month. Here Are the Highlights.
This summer, we're counting down to the first fully unified FEVO platform with a slew of feature releases and enhancements

We're Releasing or Refining 70+ Features This Month. Here Are the Highlights.

June 8, 2023

This July, FEVO is introducing Phase One of a fully unified enterprise platform, where you’ll find all of FEVO’s best tools and innovations in a single user environment for the first time. In the weeks leading up to that deployment, we’re releasing or refining 70+ features for you, our clients, ahead of the release of the fall sports schedule.

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For more information on FEVO's unified enterprise platform, get in touch with your Success rep or share your contact info with us via this form.

August 3: Ref Codes

“Ref codes” are unique URLs that allow you to track advanced sales attribution. You can make ref codes that correspond to specific audiences (“Students”) marketing channels (“Email_Promo_August”) or individual sales reps. From there, every purchase will be tagged in your buyer report or analytics dashboard with the ref code from whence it came, giving your sales team and managers quick access to see what campaigns are working and which reps are driving the most sales. The more data, the more informed your decision-making.

August 3: Accessibility Settings

In an effort to make FEVO more inclusive and user-friendly for all our clients and consumers, our corporate website (FEVO.com) as well as your enterprise dashboard are now equipped with adjustable accessibility settings courtesy of our partners at accessiBe. Simply click the blue stick-figure icon at the bottom left of the screen to pull up the menu; from there, you can choose from pre-set accessibility profiles (“Vision Impaired,” “Seizure Safe,” etc.) or use sliders to adjust color, typography and motion settings to your liking.

July 27: Dark Mode

Offers built in FEVO Enterprise can now be displayed in Dark Mode! This toggle-able setting works on both desktop and mobile. Benefits include ...

Aesthetic appeal: Many users enjoy the sleek, dare-we-say sexy look and feel that Dark Mode provides to apps and interfaces.

Improved readability: White text on a dark background can enhance text legibility, making it easier to read for some users, especially in dimly lit environments.

July 20: Seating Options

We’ve listened to your feedback and now offer different seating options for you to choose from when building an offer. With these changes, it’s easier than ever to create the checkout flow you feel is best for your event and your fans. Let’s take a look at the options...

1️. Seat Selector

This is the default setting for any offer. Fans can drill down to seat level when deciding which tickets to purchase. This option personalizes the experience for fans and gives them peace of mind that they are sitting exactly where they want.  

2️. Best Available

Fans can navigate to this option from the Seat Selector default, but you can also build offers to either start on Best Available seating or use the newly released Force Best Available, which makes said seats the only option. This allows you to streamline the purchase process and usher fans through to the finish line with zero friction or decision fatigue.  

July 11: Launch News!

We’re thrilled to announce that the first phase of FEVO’s fully unified platform will be live THIS WEEK!

With FEVO Enterprise, we’ve combined the best aspects of our various products into one comprehensive solution that will empower you to creatively package, market and sell inventory like never before, delighting your fans while maximizing revenue.

Here's what we have in store for you...

  • 70+ new or refined features
  • 8 primary integrations
  • 750+ blue-chip partners
  • 1 unified platform, for the first time ever

Welcome to the new FEVO Enterprise, and stay tuned for our keynote announcement later this week.

July 6: Discount Codes

New this week? Unprecedented flexibility when it comes to how you share discount codes with fans. It all boils down the three key privileges...

1. Reusable Codes

You can now let customers reuse a single discount code on multiple purchases. Simply toggle on multiple uses and then indicate the maximum number — et voila, now fans come back and enjoy the same discount on additional events or items.

2. Stackable Codes

Additionally, you can give customers the ability to stack unique codes to discount multiple items within a single transaction, minimizing checkout friction while maximizing conversions.

3. Code Sharing

No matter what usage rules you assign to your discount codes, you can share any FEVO discount code with your fans at the click of a button, making it simple to promote new or ongoing campaigns.

June 22: Self-Service Custom Fields

No one knows your fans better than you. Now, with FEVO's self-service custom fields, get to know them even better. If you’re building an Offer and need some information that default fields don’t account for — say, T-shirt size, birthday or alma mater — you can now simply create the field yourself. Use self-service custom fields to improve order accuracy and fulfillment or to build out more complete fan profiles that can be leveraged for lead generation and audience targeting.

June 15: New User Permission - Reports

We just added a Reports permission to the FEVO backend. That means that you can now assign anyone “view only” access to the Reports hub, meaning they can view all reported metrics without having access to create or alter any offers. It’s perfect for team members in finance, management and other departments who want to track results but don’t need any offer control. If you’re curious about the full range of user permissions you have access to, visit the FEVO Help Center.

June 8: Help Center

Did you know you have access to a comprehensive library of resources to help you navigate and troubleshoot our enterprise product? Inside, you’ll find:

  • How-to guides offering instructions on specific actions
  • Video tutorials with step-by-step product demos
  • The latest product releases and enhancements, updated bi-weekly
  • And searchable, 24/7 help on any topic

Be sure to bookmark our Help Center for all your product questions and needs.

June 8: Group Distribution Tool

The biggest obstacle to group ticket sales shouldn’t be a technological one. And with FEVO’s Group Distribution Tool, it won’t be. All your sales team or group leaders have to do is:

  1. Upload a templated spreadsheet with group members’ info
  1. Click a button
  1. And then transfer one or thousands of tickets at once

Time-saving. Headache-reducing. Mobile-friendly.

June 8: UrVenue Integration

FEVO now seamlessly supports integrated inventory from UrVenue, a technology platform that allows resort brands to sell, yield and manage resort experiences. If you're working with UrVenue, take advantage of this integration to create irresistible offers as Open Inventory. Don't miss out!

June 1: Pre-Inventory Offers

Save time and plan ahead by building offers before assigning inventory. Just fill out all other required fields, save, and then attach inventory once it’s ready. Perfect for:

  • Building before the schedule drops
  • Playoff runs
  • Experiments and new ideas that don’t yet have a date

You've reached the end — for now. Check back next week for more product updates and highlights!

We're Releasing or Refining 70+ Features This Month. Here Are the Highlights.