An SEO Rethink, Why Brands Love Casting “Old” Celebs and the 7 Other AI Tools

An SEO Rethink, Why Brands Love Casting “Old” Celebs and the 7 Other AI Tools

January 23, 2023

Each week, we sift through a ton of content and then debate it ad nauseam at FEVO HQ. And since good content, like the mind, is a terrible thing to waste, we are also sharing it here with you, our fans, in the form of this weekly blog post on e-commerce, media and life on the internet.

The Content Technologist: How to ditch tactic-level SEO and create an audience acquisition strategy
Digital strategist Deborah Carver digs into some myths and outdated practices as they apply to SEO strategy and provides some insight into how to better think about utilizing search in 2023. One point she harps on that we fully agree with: traffic for traffic’s sake does next to nothing for your brand. It is about finding qualified audience where they are and being intentional about that as you attempt to maximize the power of search. [Read more]

Digital Giraffes: 7 awesome and free AI tools you should know
There is a whole world of AI beyond the much-ballyhooed ChatGPT. If your team is strapped for resources or you just want to have a bit of fun, many of the tools in here can get things done. This year is all about doing more with less thanks to a little help from our artificially intelligent friends. Write, edit and do so much more with the virtual assistants outlined in this roundup.  [Read more]

Business of Fashion: Why brands are casting older celebrities to court younger consumers
Since brands targeting younger audiences typically cast young people to advertise their products, the appearance of an older icon can be a surprisingly effective differentiator. Using older celebrities also puts forth an aspirational tone for a campaign, helping younger consumers see a future for themselves through the lens of the brand. Caveat emptor: as this article points out, these campaigns only tend to work when the older celebs have a degree of established cultural significance to the younger generation.

And a few more nuggets of assorted internet wisdom …

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An SEO Rethink, Why Brands Love Casting “Old” Celebs and the 7 Other AI Tools