FEVO Reports Incredible Results Through Harte Hanks Partnership

FEVO Reports Incredible Results Through Harte Hanks Partnership

March 14, 2023

The Problem

FEVO sells thousands of tickets a day across 700+ of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment. In addition, FEVO offers white-glove service to many of these brands, helping them build and fulfill offers many times over on a daily basis. To support those efforts, FEVO needed a flexible solution during periods of high demand that would allow key team members to focus on high-level, strategic tasks without neglecting the recurring duties that come with ticket fulfillment.

Enter Harte Hanks.

Harte Hanks is a global marketing services and customer care company that brings unrivaled services to FEVO and its partners, providing comprehensive and flexible support teams that can be trained quickly to assist with any task needed. Their streamlined model allows FEVO to work directly with a small number of Harte Hanks supervisors, who in turn train and interact with dozens of service agents.

Josh Tannenbaum, FEVO SVP Settlement & Service, was impressed with the ease of the on boarding process: “They were very attentive, focused and organized throughout the implementation process, making it easy and smooth for us. We now have weekly standing calls and they’re also super attentive when it comes to communication via email and Slack, all while being willing to take feedback and iterate on it.”

FEVO has found success with Harte Hanks at various volumes and timeframes, from help with day-to-day tasks to broader, season-long commitments. Rather than having to continuously build out an internal team and train each member individually, FEVO was able to expand and contract support needs based on demand — and all at a lower price point than they'd spend on full-time employees.

Marguerite Pravata, FEVO SVP of Event Operations, said, “During our busy season, Harte Hanks has been there to support us from start to finish; from flexible schedules to quick response times, they’ve helped create a seamless workflow for multiple departments.”

Through the partnership, FEVO employees have been able to focus on high-level relationship-building while Harte Hanks agents handle a number of administrative and customer-service tasks.

The Results

FEVO has seen incredible results through their Harte Hanks partnership. Some highlights:

  • 800 hours saved per week
  • 10,103 orders fulfilled per week
  • 5,281 customer support tickets addressed per week

To learn more on how you can leverage Harte Hanks to the same quality results as FEVO, reach out to your Success Rep or drop us some info here.

FEVO Reports Incredible Results Through Harte Hanks Partnership