The 10 Most Important Product Learnings from the FEVO Enterprise Keynote
Miss out on first ever virtual keynote presentation? Don't worry — you can find all the good stuff below.

The 10 Most Important Product Learnings from the FEVO Enterprise Keynote

August 14, 2023

Last week, more than 500 of our closest friends, partners and even a few competitors (you know who you are — as did the omnipotent eye of our Zoom admin!) joined us for the first ever FEVO Enterprise Keynote.

Over the course of an hour, our leadership team introduced the world to FEVO's revitalized merchant platform, which owes a huge debt of gratitude to the insights and requests we've received from you, our clients, the people who use it and stress-test it every single day. The presentation included key insights on the past, present and future of FEVO, including opening remarks from Founder and CEO Ari Daie and an enlightening audience Q&A with CMO Betty Tran and CRO Josh Rose.

If you were in attendance, thank you! And if, for whatever reason, you couldn’t make it, don’t worry: below, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the 10 key takeaways from the product demo portion of the presentation, in which we showcased some of the niftiest features that are now available on the FEVO Enterprise platform (along with at least one that will be arriving very, very soon).

1. Opt-Ins: “The whole idea is to take your warm leads and make them warmer.”

In the new FEVO Enterprise, we’ve changed the way we display Opt-Ins, or any buyers who have signaled to you that they’re interested in learning more about special offers, packages, promotions, etc. via a survey question. You can now turn on notifications for all Opt-Ins (visible within the main dashboard) and then use a simple toggle (“Open” or “Done”) to track the status of each of them.

2. TBD or Pre-Inventory Offers: “We know that the offseason is truly our selling season.”
One of the first steps of building a new offer is indicating where the inventory will come from (GA inventory, inventory on hold through a ticketing integration, etc.). But with the new TBD Inventory, you can build out an entire offer — or even an entire season’s worth of offers — before your inventory is available. This is an incredible planning tool that allows you to set up marketing campaigns whenever you want, rather than waiting for inventory to come online.

3. Seat Selection: “Every fan is unique, and every offer is unique.”
There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how fans should select their seats for an event. Sometimes they want to use a seat map and painstakingly compare different options; sometimes they just want to be assigned the best available seat(s) so they can rush through the checkout as quickly as possible. In FEVO Enterprise, you have unprecedented flexibility to adjust seat selection settings based on what best suits your offer.

4. Inventory Bucketing: “Showcase your ticket types in a more organized fashion.”
Geared toward our music clients, this new feature allows you to create and display distinct “buckets” of inventory within a single offer. Let’s say you want to sell one-day passes, three-day passes and a handful of special packages (e.g., VIP) side-by-side within a single offer, rather than having to create a different offer for each of those buckets. With Inventory Bucketing, you can elegantly place multiple ticketing options within a single checkout experience, where fans can quickly compare them before completing a purchase.

5. 3DS: “We are fully committed to staying one step ahead of fraud.”
In addition to a new partnership with Google that will migrate all of our web-hosting and security operations onto the same platform that Google themselves rely on, we just launched frictionless 3DS (for “three-domain secure”) authentication, which strengthens every transaction made on our platform against unauthorized use and credit card fraud.

6. Buy Now, Pay Later: “This is going to increase conversion and average transaction value.”
Thanks to our new partnership with Zip, due for release later this year (sign up to become a beta tester here), you’ll be able to offer fans a “buy now, pay later” option at checkout. Diversifying payment options (see also: Google and Apple Pay, both set to roll out soon) will help maximize conversions, and in the case of Zip, which is available on all transactions up to $1,500, it will also help you increase your average cart value.

7. Custom Fields: “Capture more information about your fans and offers.”
Custom Fields are a simple way to collect additional customer data points with every purchase. You can use Custom Fields to answer literally any question you have for purchasers (“Are you interested in season tickets?”; “What’s your T-shirt size?”), improving order accuracy, fulfillment and retargeting efforts.

8. Add-Ons: “We want to put the power to upsell and cross-sell into your hands.”
With Add-Ons, you can easily attach ancillary revenue opportunities to any offer: parking, food and beverage, merchandise, etc. Use Add-Ons to make your fans aware of products or services they may not have known existed, either by offering them as optional upsells or requiring customers to add them in order to complete a purchase. Add-Ons can also be used to collect donations for the nonprofit or cause of your choice, with payments going directly to the organization on your behalf.

9. Referral (or “Ref”) Code: “The more informed you are, the better your decision making.”
Referral codes allow you to collect advanced data on conversions. Referral codes can be attached to a number of different sales variables — offer, referral channel, sales rep, etc. — allowing your marketing team to figure out where sales are (or aren’t) coming from and then double down on successes while eliminating inefficiencies.

10. FEVO AI: “Efficiency at every step.”
You’ve heard us talking about it for months: which we rolled out to beta partners earlier this year (apply to become one here), you’ll be able to create all of the copy associated with an offer (title, details, etc.) with a simple prompt. And as Matt pointed out in our Keynote, what’s truly special about FEVO AI is that it will be continually trained and improved via usage from our merchants. The more you use FEVO AI, the better it will become at predicting what you need.

And there you have it — the 10 biggest product learnings that we revealed at our first ever virtual Keynote. Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for more takeaways from the presentation, and if you haven’t yet, sign up for FEVO Academy, our weekly newsletter dedicated to all things product related.

The 10 Most Important Product Learnings from the FEVO Enterprise Keynote