Recap: Fevoforum presents: Black Friday / Cyber Monday strategy session
March 14, 2023
A Recap of our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Session

For our first strategy session, we focused on generating revenue around timely shopping periods, using unique Fevo capabilities to help form effective strategy-based decisions.Our guest panelists included rockstar partners: Kurt Whitlow (Kansas City Chiefs), Ashley Connor (San Francisco Giants), Quinn Branson (Circuit of the Americas), and Tyler Wolford (Philadelphia Flyers).

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After 30 minutes of candid conversations, we closed out the hour with a slew of questions that ranged from campaign specific details to overarching COVID response tactics.

Key Takeaways:

Plan Ahead — Make sure your marketing functions are in place so that paid media and traffic generation is coordinated and effective.Virtual / Socially Distanced.


Get creative with cost effective and safe drive-thru events, virtual festivities and more.

Group Rewards:

Make the experience better for the entire group by incentivizing link sharing with elevated experiences.

Streamline the checkout process:

All-In pricing, mobile optimization, and no account creation on Fevo reduces friction and gets people through the checkout experience faster.

Future Tickets:

Start generating revenue now, even without a schedule, by offering the ability to purchase vouchers for future games.

Webinar Recording: