Learnings from the FEVO x Paciolan NCAA Sales and Marketing Webinar

Learnings from the FEVO x Paciolan NCAA Sales and Marketing Webinar

April 19, 2022

Fevo and Paciolan hosted an interactive webinar Wednesday, Dec. 9, with panelists hailing from around the country discussing their thoughts on the past year and how they're each applying learnings when looking toward the future. Keep reading for some of the key takeaways from the webinar, and reach out to success@fevo.com with any questions on how to implement any into your own sales strategy.

Learnings from the FEVO x Paciolan NCAA Sales and Marketing Webinar

‍Leaning In

Authenticity is key: "The players that have seen success over the past year are creating campaigns with the goal of providing experiential value to consumers and truly understanding their wants, not those just looking to drive revenue."


"We constantly set the expectation of needing to evaluate and re-evaluate our strategy, given how fast everything can change in this new normal." "It's important to include individuals from across different disciplines of the organization so we can all bring fresh and different ideas to the table. That has allowed different staffers to take ownership of programs and ideas that might not have been possible in a different setting."

Ticket Strategies

"If we have learned one thing from this year, it's that we as the entertainment provider must reduce friction in every aspect of the in-game experience and ordering tickets. How do we reduce friction across the board, whether at the venue or otherwise?"


"How do we add additional benefits to the consumer experience and attract fans from beyond the geo-fence of our core supporters? By tying fundraising and donations to the in-game experience, especially when they can't be there in-person, it was something different that we feel helps connect fans to the team wherever they are."

Data Driven Decision-Making

"We don't make a single decision without first looking at the numbers to see what worked and the scenario around those numbers. We look at collecting data that isn't intrusive but part of content and marketing campaigns, like birthdays, or other school affiliations."

Thank you to our panelists for providing great insight into their strategy and decision-making, and thanks to everyone for attending!


Aaron Parris
Organization: Fevo
Title: EVP, Partner Success

Chris Freet
Organization: The University of Kansas
Title: Deputy AD for External Engagement

Colin Hargis
Organization: North Carolina State University
Title: Senior Associate AD/Marketing and Ticketing Services

Kurt Pottkotter
Organization: Southern Methodist University
Title: Deputy Athletics Director


Craig Ricks
Organization: Paciolan
Title: SVP, Marketing