The Five-Step Guide to Supercharging Family Weekend Ticket Sales

The Five-Step Guide to Supercharging Family Weekend Ticket Sales

April 19, 2022

Executing Family Weekend ticket sales for the big game can be cumbersome and time consuming if you’ve been using outdated methods. You may still be relying on pre-digital strategies and channels, requiring group sales reps to manually answer phone calls, making repeated outbound efforts, or even printing and ripping every single physical ticket for distribution.

When it came to the University of South Carolina’s Gamecocks and Purdue University’s Boilermakers, these old-school systems weren’t working for the teams’ short- or long-term needs. The process simply took too long, and, due to limited data capture in the antiquated process, it wasn’t even providing any future marketing benefits.

For a game changing year, the teams partnered with FEVO, stepping into the future by leveraging digital tools for both ticket sales and marketing. With our platform’s ease of use, cut & paste consistency, clean & comprehensive inventory listings, and custom fields for data collection, ticket sales outpaced the first 10 days of USC’s previous campaign in only 10 hours, while Purdue sold 8,000 tickets in the first month.

Purdue Family Weekend 2021 FEVO offer on mobile.

Want to see similar success at your university? Here’s how to sell out your Family Weekend football game this year:

1. Setup Early

Load ticket inventory as early as possible to allow time for coordinating marketing initiatives. “I think the planning that went into it and the organization being ready to go… made a pretty big difference,” said Dan Stahl, Associate AD, Revenue Generation & Business Intelligence at the University of South Carolina.

2. Add More to Every Purchase

While they're buying tickets to the big game, FEVO enables your fans to purchase or register for other Family Weekend events in the same transaction. Those events can include tailgate parties, parking passes, and welcome receptions.

3. Leverage Internal Channels to Maximize Marketing Capabilities

You already have the best marketing tools within reach! Partner with Family Weekend organizers at your university to get the word out. Posting on your schools' website, social media pages, and email blasts are surefire ways to make the most of the digital channels you already have in place.

4. Capture New Data

When partnering with FEVO for digital ticketing, you can capture the data you need, uncover new audiences, and market like never before. With custom fields and a digital database, you can uncover net new fans to add to your growing database.

5. Watch it Sell

Our partners have seen growing success when working with FEVO’s painless digital process to ticket their Family Weekends. “It does what it’s supposed to do with minimal work and not much attention to it once it gets started,” said Jason Bunger, Director of Ticket Operations at Purdue Athletics. That’s right—FEVO is hassle-free so you can sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Ready to make a change in your university’s ticketing operations?

Reach out to your Partner Success Manager, or if you’re interested in getting started with FEVO, reach out to

The University of South Carolina Family Weekend 2021 FEVO offer on mobile.

The Five-Step Guide to Supercharging Family Weekend Ticket Sales