How the New Orleans Bowl Sold a Quarter of Its Tickets via Group Sales

How the New Orleans Bowl Sold a Quarter of Its Tickets via Group Sales

February 13, 2024

The Challenge

The New Orleans Bowl, played at the Caesar’s Superdome in December, has been bringing fans from across the country to the Crescent City since 2001. With a small Group Sales team, though, the process of marketing to groups and then manually organizing, printing and sending thousands of tickets via snail mail was a tall order. With a little help from their friends at FEVO, the New Orleans Bowl team was able to transform their group sales operations.

The Solution

New Orleans Bowl Director of Sales Craig Forshag was able to utilize FEVO’s Group Sales tool and social sharing to streamline his team’s entire operation. Better yet, he was able to create group Offer pages featuring detailed, customized experience descriptions along with reward incentives tailored to each individual group. Those incentives ranged from pre-game field walks to the truly once-in-a-lifetime: True Talent Football, the group that brought out the greatest number of fans, even got six entries into the halftime Pass, Punt and Kick competition! After the event, all ticket buyers were also added to an email list for future marketing campaigns related to the New Orleans Bowl as well as other local events the organization puts on. 


The New Orleans Bowl was able to utilize FEVO for both Integrated and Non-Integrated inventory offers, with cohesive branding across the board. While the Integrated Offers streamlined ticket sales, Non-Integrated Offers allowed for additional up-sell and cross-sell opportunities like luncheons, VIP packages and more. As Forshag points out, it’s incredibly handy for both an event organizer and its fans to rely on a single platform for all sales: fewer sign-ups, fewer processes, less friction. 

Before I was using FEVO, I was literally using credit card forms. People were scanning images of registration forms and sending them and I was counting tickets by hand and sticking them in an envelope and snail mailing them out. It was crazy, you would have thought it was the 1960s the way we were operating. It's just so much more helpful and easy to run than before.”
-Craig Forshag, Director of Sales

How the New Orleans Bowl Sold a Quarter of Its Tickets via Group Sales