RECAP: Fevoforum presents: WISE Women in Sports & Entertainment
March 14, 2023
Recap of our WISE Webinar

Fevoforum presents: WISE brought together an incredible group of successful women in the sports and entertainment industry to talk career paths, dealing with adversity and more. The webinar, which was recorded Nov. 6, featured an hour of candid conversation and round table discussion.

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Panelists included:

Kristyn Ciani - Talent Buyer @ C3 Presents
Cynthia Johnson - Founder & CEO @ Bell + Ivy
Stacy Osugi - Former Head of Creative Ops @ Focus Features
Tracy Sandler - Founder & CEO @ Fangirl Sports Network

Moderated by:

Betty Tran - CMO @ Fevo
Lillian Lee - Director of Digital @ Fevo

Key Takeaways:

  • Take Risks - Speak up, demand a seat at the table, create your own opportunities.
  • Change the Narrative: Being emotional is a strength. Being a full time working single mom gives you grit. Hiring POC does not mean you "have a type." Own your multi-dimensional identity — be the most knowledgable about game stats and look cute on game day.
  • Come Correct: While we fight for equality, we bear the burden of the extra pressure put upon womxn, minorities, etc. Level yourself up and come ready.
  • Don't stress out over things you can't control: Biggest lesson of 2020.
  • Womxn are born fierce!: Don't forget that you are inherently strong, resilient and worthy.

Webinar Recording: